Dr Nawab's Patient Testimonials

-PR in Clarksville, IN | July 23, 2019

I met with Dr. Nawab on Friday for the pain in my hands. He was kind and professional and I was so glad that I visited the office. He dealt with the problem quickly and I felt like I could trust his judgement.

I loved the staff, as well. They were friendly and kind.

After a not-so-good experience with a well-known group of hand surgeons, I have found a new practice and I am so pleased.

I would recommend your group to anyone in need of orthopaedic care.

-CJ in Kentucky | Jun 07, 2019

This surgery totally changed my life for the better! I am back to doing all the things I did before including adding a new hobby of cycling. Forget about all the horror stories you have heard (surrounding joint replacements) and just do it. You will thank me and it will change YOUR life!

-MT in Louisville, KY | Jun 07, 2019

I have had this surgery on both of my knees. After the first I felt somewhat better, but continued in pain with the knee that had not had the surgery. I did not realize how bad I felt until that 2nd surgery was completed and I could see what I was capable of doing. I went to Europe with my friends and walked 15,000 steps in one day. And was up the next day ready to go. I am significantly better than I ever though imaginable. 

-MF in Louisville, KY | Jun 07, 2019

I didn't think it was possible, but I have regained full range of motion in my knee following a partial knee replacement with Dr. Nawab. I've rejoined my yoga, pilates and spin classes. I'm so excited to return to my active lifestyle! I'm very thankful for Dr. Nawab and his wonderful staff.

-Carol Trainer in Louisville, KY | Jan 02, 2017

He's an excellent caring man and Dr. He was so attentive before and after my husband's surgery. We highly recommend him.


-Cgw in Crestwood, KY | Dec 17, 2016

Knows what he is talking about, and just wants to help you be better!! An amazing surgeon. Clean cuts, good stitching, amazing.



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